New Model XDPS Real Seat from Sea Guide
This new updated design has an environmentally-friendly non-plated color trim ring and hood plus features that make its performance excel. Sea Guide’s Model XDPS Spinning “Pipe” style Reel Seats feature a reinforced nylon body with trim ring, anti-skid gripping bands and hi-grade SS316 materials for durability and corrosion resistance.

• Improved design compared to original DPS series
• Fiber reinforced nylon body with trim ring
• Specialized cushioned hood has precision form-fit-to-reel feet
• Anti-skid thin bands prevent reel movement
• Fixed and adjustable hood composed of hi-grade SS316 material for durability and corrosion resistance
• Recommend environmentally-friendly, non-plated color “SC” or “S” for trim ring and hood

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Model XDPS Reel Seat

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