New “XO” Spinning Rod Guides set new quality standard for Sea Guide, 13% lighter than competition!

Sea Guide’s new-generation spinning rod guides feature intricate production details and high-quality materials for improved performance. The Model “XO” features a sloped double-leg frame for increased casting performance while retaining high strength by utilizing marine-grade SS316 material. Sea Guide’s strong, thin profile rings “LS” and “LC” work perfectly for both monofilament and braided line. The single foot keeps weight low and has anti-skid features for rod builders.
Spinning Rod Guides with Marine-grade SS316 frame, anti-skid base, angled base legs for stronger frame, thin-profile rings excellent for mono and braid.

New sizes for the “XO” series include 10, 8, 7, 6, 5.5, 5 and 4 – making the full line-up compatible
with both spin and bait casting applications.

Quick Facts:
• Guide frame uses marine-grade SS316 material, offering superior strength and corrosion resistance
• Single foot and light weight, swelled and two-stage slope frame is designed to decrease line tangling
• High leg and deep-drawn frame design help to protect the ceramic ring for greater impact resistance
• Vector Angle Crease at base provides for a stronger frame and prevents crushing and deformation
• Thinner but strong profile rings “LC” and “LS” are perfect for monofilament and braided line
• Anti-skid groove design on foot ensures guides stay put
• New tip top “XV” is a perfect front- bridge type with drawing-pressed frame, developed specifically for XO guides

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