New Model XR Sea Guide Range of Boat Guides
Sea Guide introduces its new-generation of Boat Rod guides in its “XR” range of quality components. These new guides feature both function and long-life value by utilizing heavy-gauge stainless steel, a deep-drawn frame design and thick ceramic rings for the ultimate in durability. The sloped frame legs reduce friction during the cast and minimize wind knots.

Boat Rod Guides
Both XR and tip top XR have been developed as the third generation boat
rod guides. Extremely durable and reduces line tangling.
• Heavy gauge stainless steel adds strength, prevents crushing and deformation
• Deep-drawn frame helps protect the ceramic ring for greater impact resistance
• Thick ceramic ring assembled with “ES” or “TS”
• Use with XR type frame tip top guide, drawing-pressed and sloped frame; durable
ceramic ring allows smooth release of line.

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Model XR Guides

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