Single-foot Model XOG-W


Product Description

  • Anti-skid groove design on foot ensures guides stay put
  • Various plating colors for guide frames are available
  • The wider single foot design has extra strength for use in the mid to end section of spinning or bait casting rods
  • Guide frame uses marine-grade SS316 material, offering superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • Reverse deep-drawn frame helps protect the ceramic ring for greater impact resistance
  • New sizes for the “XO” series include 10,8,7,6,5.5,5,4.5 and 4, making the full lineup compatible with both spin and bait casting applications

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Colors for XOG-W

_White Chrome
BBlack Finish
TWFrosted White
GGold 24K
UGun Smoke
TUFrosted Gun Smoke
SCNon-Plated Finish
HUPVD Gun Smoke
EGSpecial PVD Gold
EBSpecial PVD Black
EUSpecial PVD Gun Smoke


Rings for XOG-W

RSSilicon NitrideBlack
LSZirconium OxideBlack
LAAluminum OxideBrown