Single-foot Model XOHG


Product Description

  • New High Frame Guide For Spinning Rods
  • Lighter Weight — Single foot and thinner frame profile result in the XOHG series guide frame is 20% lighter than any other similar guides
  • Accurate and Long Distance Casting — Compared to conventional guides with similar functions, the height of XOHG frame is more reasonable which is matching most of spinning fishing rods. The characters of 105°forward & tangle-free shape would help in order to reach accuracy and long distance. The sleek and smooth design of the total frame eliminates line tangles from any one point
  • Higher Strength — The guide legs have an approximate 90°vertical deflection, this angle improvement can significantly increase the frame strength
  • Marine-grade SS316 material offers superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • Reversed deep-drawn frame design helps protect the ceramic ring for greater impact resistance.
  • High performance PVD colors and conventional plating colors are available.
  • Use with Monofilament, Braid or Fluorocarbon line with high performance ring inserts.

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Colors for XOHG

_White Chrome
BBlack Finish
TWFrosted White
GGold 24K
UGun Smoke
TUFrosted Gun Smoke
SCNon-Plated Finish
HUPVD Gun Smoke
EGSpecial PVD Gold
EBSpecial PVD Black
EUSpecial PVD Gun Smoke


Rings for XOHG

RSSilicon NitrideBlack
LSZirconium OxideBlack
LAAluminum OxideBrown