Model XSS


Product Description

New Concept Spinning Pipe Reel Seat

  • Unique design and lighter weight increases rods performance distinctly.
  • New type special sliding hood/nut matching reinforced nylon body without level difference between them has a comfort grip
  • Two blank-exposed holes allows finger to be in direct touch the blank to improve the sensitivity of lure and strikes
  • Unique Hood Localization Structure (HLS) on screw pipe improves the strength and stability of reel when locking
  • Ergonomic design gives better handling and reduces fatigue
  • Various styles are available

·Appropriate hood/nut: MN、LN、DMN、DLN

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Colors for XSS

SCNon-Plated Finish

Hood/Nuts for XSS

MNNew pattern nut and nylon hood MN
LNHigh performance nylon hood with long nutDLN
DMNDual locking part with MN nutDMN
DLNDual locking part with LN nutDLN