Double-Foot Model AG


  • Non-fouling, super hard stainless steel frame and ring, tungsten steel ring can be matched
  • All welds are silver solder reinforced
  • Stronger braced structure frames are available. (Size 20,25 and 30 available in AG-B series.)
  • Ideal for wire line fishing applications



814.035.011.0Non-braced Only
1014.535.011.0Non-braced Only
1219.037.011.0Non-braced Only
1421.040.012.0Non-braced Only
1622.046.012.0Non-braced Only
1825.050.013.0Non-braced Only
2028.056.014.5Non-braced & braced
2535.060.015.0Non-braced & braced
3042.073.019.0Non-braced & braced