Guiding the Fishing Industry Since 1997

Sea Guide Factory

SeaGuide Company Expansion Spurs New Sales Program and Innovative Rod Component Technologies for 2013

Since its inception in 1997, SeaGuide’s commitment to designing and producing the highest quality fishing rod components has been uncompromising. Its advanced manufacturing facilities, experienced technical staff, professional customer service and competitive pricing programs have made SeaGuide a trusted global presence in the fishing industry. Each product developed under the SeaGuide brand goes through extensive research and feedback from professional anglers, making sure it meets its customers’ demands before being released on the market.

SeaGuide’s innovation and growth have led to its current 26 patented products, with production of more than 50,000 items for customers to choose from.

Retail Replacement Parts and Rod Builder Specialty Sets

Sea Guide Guide Replacement Program

Sea Guide is now expanding into retail replacement parts and rod builder specialty sets for the European and North American markets. A new line of retail packaged products is expected in 2013. Its OEM, color-coded hang tag program ensures the end consumer recognizes the excellent quality standards built into every Sea Guide product.