Leading the Way to Help Protect the Environment

Non-Plated Surface Treatment Process


“S” type – Stainless Steel color
“SC” type – Frosted Gun Smoke color (plating color “TU”)

Most surface-plated guide frames are manufactured using harsh chemical processing techniques which are harmful to the environment. Sea Guide has researched and improved on these traditional processes to develop new techniques which help protect our environment.

• Strong adhesion and low porosity
• Resistance to scratching, rust and corrosion
• Non-chemical treatment is more environmentally friendly
• New process can be used on all stainless steel and high tensile titanium material frames
• Integrates with original function and performance of guides

Guiding the Fishing Industry Since 1997

Sea Guide Factory

SeaGuide Company Expansion Spurs New Sales Program and Innovative Rod Component Technologies for 2013

Since its inception in 1997, SeaGuide’s commitment to designing and producing the highest quality fishing rod components has been uncompromising. Its advanced manufacturing facilities, experienced technical staff, professional customer service and competitive pricing programs have made SeaGuide a trusted global presence in the fishing industry. Each product developed under the SeaGuide brand goes through extensive research and feedback from professional anglers, making sure it meets its customers’ demands before being released on the market.

SeaGuide’s innovation and growth have led to its current 26 patented products, with production of more than 50,000 items for customers to choose from.

Tri-Level Performance

Sea Guide Tri-level Performance

SeaGuide’s extensive line of rod guides, ceramic inserts and reel seats are available in three price levels: Zeus “Premium,” Hero “Hi-Grade” and Atlas “Performance.” All three levels meet the highest caliber of craftsmanship in detail and performance.

SeaGuide continues to focus its sales on rod manufacturers and rod builders who want precision guides and seats incorporated into their products, with start to finish production time of 20-30 days.